Proud to speak at today’s Frankston Regional Youth Forum at Mount Erin Secondary College with Hannah Swinnerton, Glenn Cooper, HALT, Peta Murphy MP Federal Member for Dunkley and Bo’Ness. This is a great opportunity for our community to speak about bullying and mental health issues in a safe supportive environment, and to make real change. Yesterday’s Victorian budget delivers a once-in-a-generation reform to build a new mental health system. Our $3.8 billion investment will transform the way care is provided in Victoria with: ✅ more early intervention ✅ more focus on wellbeing and prevention ✅ more community based care, providing a ‘front door’ service ✅ a dedicated mental health system for our kids ✅ 3000 jobs ✅ a new $200 million School Mental Health Fund, ensuring mental health and wellbeing is a core part of a student’s experience at school. 😊 We are implementing every single recommendation of the Royal Commussion into Victoria’s Mental Health. 💜 Because every single Victorian deserves this. PS Amazing to see the new Mount Erin Secondary College state funded hockey pitches and the stage two upgrade of the gymnasium to competition level!

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