Happy 18th Birthday to my most amazing incredible nephews Cullam CJ Tregea and Jackson Bodie . I feel in love with use both from the time use where in ur mum’s tummy, ur mum and I got to go through the pregnancy together so we where blessed to be pregnant at the same time. Use boys had a fight for ur life from the time use where born being so premature but nothing would stop use both. I can honestly tell you how ur Nan, Pop and Great Grandmother was so super proud of u both then, now they are in Heaven watching over you and they will be sing and dancing and be so super proud. You’s boys have had some really tough times but use all thought through it and look where use are today. Over the last 18 years I have watched use grow into the most beautiful young men that use are today and I can’t express enough on how proud I am of use both and to call use my nephews. I hope ur day is as special as use are to me. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY BOYS. I love u too the moon and back ❤❤💖

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