We recorded this little clip whilst we were on tour at Cockatoo island in the beautiful Sydney harbour 🤘 it was awesome playing under some of Australia’s best talent and we are so grateful. Here’s one of our favourite songs form the amazing @thelivingendaus 🎸🥁

Well well well…. This is just beyond bloody awesome!!! We have now been added to Triple M Country, oh guys we love this record and we glad you do to 💗 THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU #lightuptheairwaves @chrischeney23 @thelivingendaus Triple M Country] @redhotsummertour @checkedlabelservices @matonguitars Triple M Country KIX Country @abccountry CMAA – Country Music Association of Australia

Yes – ✅ added to our first Spotify play list – thank you 🙏 Add to favourites- go!!! Next goal/dream – @kixcountryradio @1029hottomato @triplemmmcountry @triplemgoldcoast – high rotation…. Let’s do this !!!! On tour nationally with @redhotsummertour #lightuptheairwaves #boness #newmusic #letsrock #locallads #touringnationally #redhotsummertour #number1inlondon

Yes – ✅ added to our first Spotify play list – thank you 🙏 Add to favourites- go!!! Next goal/dream – KIX Country and @ Triple M Gold Coast high rotation…. Let’s do this !!!! #lightuptheairwaves #boness #newmusic #letsrock #locallads #touringnationally #redhotsummertour #number1inlondon

We are excited to announce that Ian Burns, Shyanne Irwin, Bo’Ness, and Grace Mae Music have all been added to the AMNplify Discover Playlist on Spotify – head over and have a listen :) Thanks to Dave and all the team at AMNplify for their constant support of our artists. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2qUKMBnqs63ejmswHkqY0w?si=01426d88ff644f4b

Congratulations to Grace Mae Music and Bo’Ness for both charting on Amrap charts this week. Grace debuts at No. 5 on the AMRAP Regional Chart and Bo’Ness creep up from last week to No. 3 on the Metro Chart. Thanks to community radio for all your support to get these artists onto the charts. Checked Label Services

Tracy & the Big D Show – Fraser Coast Fm Thursday 24th February 2022 (9pm – 11pm) Special Guest Interviews with; Amy Ryan, Jeff Aschmann, Renee Jonas. A Moment with Tracy & the Big D includes: Justin Standley, Runaway Dixie. Mac Tracks from; High Valley, Matt Castillo & Kin Faux ft. Terry McBride. We will also be playing a great mix of music from; Amy Nelson, Ben Ransom, Bo’Ness, Brad Marks, Camille Trail, Clayton Saunders, Dallas Smith, Danielle Todd, Denvah, Jed Zarb, Jenny Mitchell, Jody Direen, Kendra Kay, Liam Kennedy-Clark, Lloyd Back, Mermaid Avenue, Ronnie & Johnny, Sammy White, Tori Darke, Travis Collins, Tyler Del Pino, Vanessa Bourne. Live Stream Via Fraser Coast Fm 107.5 @ www.frasercoast.fm Live Stream link and Podcasts of all interviews will be available via Tracy & the Big D @ www.tracyandthebigd.com.au #tracyandthebigd #frasercoastfm #supportingartists #supportingmusic #radiostations #musicpromotions #countrymusic #interviews #podcasts #australianmusic #australiancountrymusic #radio #australianradio #countrymusicradio #independentartists #independentmusic #newmusic #singersongwriter #mactracks #amomentwithtracyandthebigd

Thank you sooo much SYDNEY 🇦🇺!! And too all you folks at home for the support… we are truly so grateful guys 🤠 SWIPE across >> too see our first number #1 on the Country charts in London 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 much love to you guys Stream “Light up the airwaves” on all platforms

Well today is full of blessings – wow this is the highest we’ve ever been on the Amrap charts!!!!! @chrischeney let’s watch it grow!! #lightuptheairwaves #redhotsummertour #kindnessrocks Kind is Cool Maton Guitars Red Hot Summer Tour Checked Label Services The Country Journo @bullyzero