Hey everybody, I know Victoria is back in lockdown once again but check out this amazing post here by our mates from Bully Zero We are proud ambassador’s for this group, and we have also dealt with Bullies in and out of school and it’s not cool – but if we all remember to stay kind, stay grounded, love and care for each other we will 100% get through Stay kind everyday;) Check it out 👌

This is one of our greatest achievements thus far. It’s time for us to go to work and spread this message everywhere! 🖤🧡 The CMAA Academy Of Country Music Kind is cool Maton Guitars That’s The Thing About Fishing Young People with a Purpose

We here at RadCo Productions are lucky to have such historic buildings, castles and ruins very close to our home, you could say we are spoiled for choice!😀 Locally, we decided to head out with the DJI Mavic Mini and film Kinneil House just before sundown…..Such an amazing location, I hope you’ll agree🙏🙏 Love the video? give it a thumbs up👍 and share this post with your family and friends! Do you know of any more stunning locations for us to shoot? Let us know, send us a message😁🙌 ***Kinneil House is a historic house to the west of Bo’ness in east-central Scotland. It was once the principal seat of the Hamilton family in the east of Scotland. The house was saved from demolition in 1936 when 16th-century mural paintings were discovered, and it is now in the care of Historic Environment Scotland.*** Bo’Ness Bo’ness Matters – New Page VisitScotland Visit Falkirk

A special thank you to all the amazing people that contributed to our event Frankston Regional Youth Forum @family Trims Restaurant Frankston Bo’Ness Frankston Community Connect Frankston City Council Mount Erin College HALT South East Melbourne Bully Zero Frankston Youth Service headspace Frankston Us Real Estate Kindred Clubhouse That’s The Thing About Fishing Lions Club of Karingal @Powa audio @balnarring Bendigo bank Peta Murphy MP Federal Member for Dunkley Paul Edbrooke MP Simon Hamilton – area executive director – department of education Wellways South Eastern Melbourne Neami National @meals on wheels Frankston Deputy Mayor, Cr. Nathan Conroy

Bully ZeroThese legends from yesterday 😍 Thank you all for making this happen Frankston Regional Youth Forum Young People with a Purpose That’s The Thing About Fishing HALT South East Melbourne Bo’Ness Peta Murphy MP Federal Member for Dunkley Paul Edbrooke MP Deputy Mayor, Cr. Nathan Conroy Liam Hughes Katey and Janet Enriquez-Grima @bully Zero @simon Hamilton

Yesterday we were honoured to be a party of the first ever Young People with a Purpose youth forum! What a day thank you too all Involved and thanks for letting us speak and reach out to others. Bully Zero headspace Kind is cool